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Pierre Lewin

French professional musician since playing in a funk band in London UK in 1974. Gets involved in many bands ever since, in many different genres, like jazz, salsa, world music, electronic and a lot of funk!
Asside from playing on stage, works as a producer, writing for bands, and movies, and even BBC Channel 4 in 1999. From 1998 to 2008 presents a live act of Drum 'n Bass live in England, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Brazil.
Fabio Saffi

Professional musician for 30 years, he played with many genres, with even more bands and singers. Among other events, played at the Festival Del Música em La Paz-Bolívia. First studied drums with the Tatui-SP Music School. Later studied for 3 years in Boston-USA, at Universidade Berklee College of Music (drums/jazz) and the Salem State University (jazz drumming, classical percussion and big band). Recorded with many singers: Elvira Nino, Luis Silva e John Fugorino (Boston-USA), Laercio Oliveira (Canção Nova-Brasil), Ozi dos Palmares (Brasil), Migueli (Espanha), Manuela Lopes (Portugal), Morten Halvorsen (Oslo-Noruega), and more.

Joao Cleber

Pianio and keyboards player, producer and arranger, graduited by the Conservatório Dramático de Música de Tatuí. From then, recording and playing on the Brazilian and international scene with many artists, like: Daniel, Alexandre Pires, Elba Ramalho ,Chitãozinho e Xororó, Bruno e Marrone, Zezé di Camargo e Luciano, Hebe Camargo, Wilson Simoninha, Max de Castro, Paulo Calasans, Marco Bosco... Touring in Europe, USA, Japan and China, where he played in front of big audiences.

Fabio Lopes

Started to study classical guitar at the age of nine with teacher Manoel Sabatino Junior. By 19 y.o. went to the Conservatório Dramático e Musical in the city of Tatuí (SP-Brazil) with Dr. Carlos de Campos, in classical guitar, and also with teacher Edson Lopes in brazilian popular music/electric guitar. In 2001 got a master at the Campinas University in Brazilian Popular Music.

Pedro Signori

Graduated in Brazilian Popular Music by the Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP). While studying, played with the Arte Institute of the UNICAMP, featuring highly acclaimed musicians, like Roberto Sion, Ricardo Herz, Toninho Ferragutti, Neymar Dias and Raimundo Penaforte. Works as a professional saxophonist and flutist within the 'Me Gusta' Music Productions, and with bands like Soul Mundo and LivePop. He's involved in other projects in the Sao Paulo State, as a musician, technical director, horn section and band leader (Signori & Mauad Jazz Band).

The Sound of FUNKAZOID

A new funky, jazzy and very exciting instrumental band!
Five professional musicians come together to play new and original funky compositions.
This quintet have delighted audiences with their energetic and contagious rhythms - perfect for dancing. The wide experience of each musician brings a very special flavour to the Funkazoid's sound: creative, high-energy and up-beat.
The Band's range of musical influences include classics of Funky-Jazz and also brings a taste of electronic music, like Breakbeats, House and Drum & Bass. Each performance is enhanced by the enthusiasm of the audience, which contributes to the live feel of the show.